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Market research is a way of getting an overview of consumers’ wants, needs and beliefs. It can also involve discovering how they act. The research can be used to determine how a product could be marketed.

Our Regulatory Affairs team is responsible for all issues related to product registration ,inform you about all procedures related to new product registration, from preparing dossiers for a given product to securing the licenses required for that product’s import, sale and distribution.

Italmed NTSH was established in November 2006 as a private company which makes the registration, marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical products throughout the Kosovo`s territory and export of some medicinal products in Albania and soon in Macedonia. Italmed NTSH maintains a very close cooperation with the partners in Albania and Macedonia and has benefited mostly in the form of consultations, joint launches of medicines and exchange of experiences.

With over 10 medical representatives that work hard to make our product names familiar to the public,pharmacies and doctors, to create goodwill and build a favourable image,to educate and inform the public ,to offer specific products or services and to attract customers to find out more about your product or service.
One of our catalyst of our business growth has been a close cooperation with the doctors, pharmacies and wholesales and we strive to develop and enrich day by day this network through closer cooperation.

Italmed is present in Albania as well . For more details visit us at


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