• Italmed NTSH was established in November 2006 as a private company which makes the registration, marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical products throughout the Kosovo`s  territory .We are exclusive representative of the German companies : Dolorgiet GmbH  and Ursapharm Arzneimittel GmbH   and the Italian companies : Agips Farmaceutici Srl, Farma-Derma S.r.l ,Biotrading farmaceutici S.r.l , Siar Pharma S.r.l, Epifarma S.r.l ,Ircon Ltd,Sella Farmaceutici s.r.l,Francia Farmacuetici s.r.l , Laboratorios ATRAL S.A, Athlone Laboratories ,I.B.N Savoio S.r.l., hoping that in the future we will be representatives of other international companies.
    We are interested to be in contact with pharmaceutical companies who have not registered their products in the territory of Kosovo,yet, assuring them that you will find a reliable partner, very serious and correct.
    Italmed has concentrated more on pharmaceuticals originating from Italy and Germany but at present we are looking into new producers to secure steady supply of pharmaceutical products currently needed in Kosovo in particular cures for cronic diseases.
  • Italmed maintains a very close cooperation with the partners in Albania and has benefited mostly in the form of consultations, joint launches of medicines and exchange of experiences. One of our catalyst of our business growth has been a close cooperation with the doctors, pharmacies and wholesales and we strive to develop and enrich day by day this network through closer cooperation.
  • We remain convinced that given the opportunity, you will find a reliable and efficient partner that can competently cover the markets in Kosovo and Albania with new drugs in demand today.Let us become your trustworthy partner in the region!