Import, Sales and Distribution

Since the establishment, Italmed is working continuously to outstretch necessary drugs of the highest quality to the Western Balkans’ region as a whole. That’s why our services are not limited to Kosovo only, and we have expanded in Albania. In the next two years, we plan to expand in North Macedonia, Montenegro and then continue with the rest of the region.


Since the beginning, our company believes in new opportunities. Thus, our research team is always on a search for options to escalate our criteria. Our licensing portfolio is growing at a rapid speed. And we are still exploring a newer perspective. ITALMED takes care of all the import-related procedures and ensures that the drugs are imported in the safest way to our warehouses in Kosovo and Albania. Whether it is retail, wholesale, or controlled drug procurement, ITALMED is a credible name for any medicine import service.

Sales & Distribution

We are proudly providing all the necessary services regarding registration, marketing, sales, and distribution of medicinal products throughout Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia. With the expertise and skills from over an era’s experience, now ITALMED is a trusted name in the drug distribution industry. Our current sales agents work for an average of at least seven years with us now, and in an era of high retention rates, this shows a lot of how ITALMED treats its employees. This treatment, together with continuous training in sales and an overarching merit-based payment system of our agents, leads to a maximization of sales and healthy interpersonal relations of our agents with our clients. We consider distribution as a core part of who we are, and therefore we make sure to take care of delivery in all of our territories with our fleet of dozens of internally owned cars.

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